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Dear Ms. Brigitte


I wish to express my gratitude for the wonderful healing weight loss support that you have actualized in my life. Prior to my commitment to the 21 Day Swiss Purification and Weight management support program, I was diagnosed with chronic arthritis, particularly on my left knee and back. I walked with a limp, and held to anything I could reach for support. The doctors had suggested that I consider having a knee replacement, continue wearing knee braces and continue with anti-inflammatory medications.


The 21 Day Swiss purification program was indeed a commitment on my part and not an easy withdrawal from my normal intake of unhealthy foods and medications. I learned to eat healthier, in smaller proportions (like the Europeans do) and how to increase my metabolism through food combining. This has been an educational enrichment for me as well as a new healing modality.


My knee is no longer inflamed and I can actually flex it with greater mobility. I had forgotten how it felt to walk without pain. I am delighted that I do not have to resort to surgery or traditional medicine. Your program and your support have been a true blessing in my life.


I now wish to pursue the challenge of moving on to your weight loss support program and maintain the current painless feeling as I continue to loose more weight. I will certainly share my experience and encourage others to dare venture into this holistic approach and experience the healing and enlightenment of the spirit on their own.


Sincerely yours


- - - - -


I went on the 21 Day Swiss Purification and Weight management support program with WellSpring and saw results that I was not even expecting.


Besides losing weight and inches I also stopped having headaches, which I was on strong medication for. The food plan was delicious and very satisfying.


The remedies I was given helped my body to get rid of all the toxins I had in me for such a long time. The treatments were relaxing and comforting. I felt healthier, gained back my energy and slept much better.


I've been seeing a neurologist for 2 years with a condition they said was cluster headaches and had been on strong medications. I was told they could come for 9 years. Since I started the 21 Day purification program Iam no longer taking the medications  and my headaches have not returned.


WellSpring also had maintenance program, which I am now on that helps me maintain my weight and health.


Thank You



- - - - -


I was first introduced to WellSpring Holistic & Green Health Center when I was diagnosed by my physician with stage 1; grade 3; breast cancer. Broken hearted, dejected and scared, I immediately committed myself to the 21 Day Swiss Purification  & Weight management support program. I cleansed, lost weight gained strength and confidence. I also started chemotherapy and I am blessed to report that my body responded very well due to the proper preparation. Brigitte put together a personalized plan for my success. I look forward to the future, knowing that organic nutrition and whole food supplements are supporting my medical doctor's plan for defeating my cancer.


I had also been taken high blood pressure medication for 5 years. After the purification program, my blood pressure was stabilized. I no longer need the medication.


In closing, I would like to say if you never do anything else for yourself, please visit WellSpring Holistic & Green Health Center and watch your life become transformed. Brigitte was always available to address questions and concerns. I learned a new way of living through the education from WS and finally for the first time in my life putting myself first.





- - - - -


Brigitte and WellSpring provide unique and sensible programs not easily found anywhere else like the "BIG FIX". The steam Embrace, full Body Contour & Detoxification Wrap, the "Aqua-Chi" detoxifying energy foot bath, Colon Hydrotherapy with the whole food nutritional plan work so well to alleviate many of the subtle ailments that I was carry around with me every day.


It's hard to believe what the body retains. The gentle therapy of the 21 Day purification and Weight management support program purified my body's internal filtering system so well it helped my arthritis, chronic fatigue and revitalized my liver and kidneys.


No matter where within your system needs the attention, you emerge from the program totally cleansed and transformed.


Run, don't walk to go and see this Swiss Purification Priestess! She saved my life! "BRAVO BRIGITTE"





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