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  Pure Safe & Beneficial

21 Day Swiss Purification & Weight management support program is the leading way to cleansing, healing and youthful vitality.


This program compliments you with therapeutic treatments, personalized cleansing remedies, purifying meals and a maintenance seminar.

  Why Do I Need Purification?

• Lose pounds

• Shed inches from problem areas

• Eliminate gas and bloats

• Normalize high blood pressure

• Removal of food addiction

• Balance blood sugar

• Clearing skin conditions

• Greater joint flexibility


• Reduce inflammation

• Improve mental clarity

• Lower cholesterol

• Protect your Health

• Pre & Post Surgery

• Essential to Vision

• Lose Weight

• Slow Aging

I went on the 21 Day Swiss Purification and Weight management support program with WellSpring and saw results that I was not even expecting!


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Cleansing, consecrating, and charging remove any negative residue and vibrations that has attached itself to your physical and mental system. Therefore cleansing can instill positive harmonic energy into your system ensuring the quality of your health and your life.


Organic 5 Herb Tonic


Vegan, Vegetarian, WS Cuisine and Juices

We begin with  NRT  to guide your course of treatments.  (Learn More)



3 Steam Embrace

3 Body Contour & Detox Wraps

3 Aqua-Chi detoxifying energy foot baths

3 Colon Hydrotherapy

1 Therapeutic Pedicure



Trace Mineral B12

Organic Flaxeed Oil

1 Ear Candling

1 Seaweed Body Soap

1 Hydrating Lotion

1 Facial or Massage


Maintaining the benefits of purification.


The Body has 3 options when it comes to dealing with toxins;


Bury them in the body fat

Deposit them in the tissues

Remove them


A full systemic detox experience has not only magnificence health benefits, it can even turn the personality inside-out, but which brings the gold hidden within the heart, and best of all , body odor, bad breath even stinky feet will leave you too and your taste-bud receptors will adjust itself again.



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